Ray Stefanski

IT Manager

I’m a problem solver at my core, willing to dive deep and find what doesn’t work in order to make things better.  My experience in everything from network administration to data mining to software development gives me a leg up in interpreting techno-babble and keeping our systems updated, secure and at the cutting edge of our company’s technology needs.

Born: Detroit

Most influential persons: Mom, Dad, Albert Einstein, Curly Howard

3 words that describe you: Logical, Uncensored, Squishy

Favorite technology or gadget: Anything with wires. Or wireless.

Best deal you ever got: My wife. I got the better deal.

Worst customer service experience: That would be me. Everywhere I go, people think I work there. I usually can’t help much.

Favorite place: On any body. Of water.

Favorite hobbies: Fishing, robotics.

Favorite sports team: Germany’s Olympic Luge Team

What makes you feel old: Signs that say, “You must be born on or before today’s date in XXXX to purchase alcohol/tobacco”

Something you were told as a child that didn’t make sense until you had kids: “Don’t make me stop this car”

Hidden talent: I can sleep standing up

Where is real estate headed: It can only get better

Favorite thing about the real estate business: It seems so simple but in reality it’s incredibly complex…there are so many moving parts that the average person has no idea are happening

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