Stacey Fuller Karson


I’m a Michigan girl, born and raised right here. I love the changing seasons, the people and all the things there are to see and do around town. I’m lucky because my parents, my sisters and their families all live in the area. I’m the proud parent of a son and a daughter – both teenagers – and every day is a new adventure. Like most real estate agents, I came to this career later in life and I wonder why it took me so long to realize that I was made for it.

Born: Southfield

Most influential persons: My big sister Rikki and my kids

3 words that describe you: Kind, loyal, helpful (and funny…but that would be 4)

Favorite technology or gadget: My iPhone!

Best deal you ever got: My family 🙂

Worst customer service experience: AT&T, Consumers Energy…long stories…ugh

Favorite place: Anyplace that includes being near or on the water

Favorite hobbies: Checking out new restaurants, baking, watching my kid’s sporting events

Favorite sports teams: University of Michigan Football & Basketball….and the Detroit Tigers

Favorite food: Pop-Tarts

Something you remember being told as a child that didn’t make sense until you had kids:  The kitchen is closed

What makes you feel old: Technology…my kids always need to help me

Hidden Talent: I make an excellent snow angel!

Where is real estate headed: Internet based sales will universally allow for Buyers and Sellers to do almost everything online and take more control over the transaction

Favorite thing about the real estate business:  Meeting new people all the time

If you could give a real estate seller just one piece of advice, what would it be:  De-clutter and clean…you only get once chance to make a first impression

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