If you’re serious about selling your home, you can’t just plant a sign in your yard and wait for buyers to show up. Not anymore.

That’s why we target our marketing of your home to motivate real, ready-to-act buyers. We give them time to formulate their best offer and we empower you to make the most educated sale decision possible…all with the help of our experienced and trustworthy local real estate experts.

Seller Nation is built upon the OfferSubmission method created by our partners, coupling full-time Realtors with a proprietary sealed-bid sales process. Proven over tens of thousands of sales nationwide, we ensure that homes sell quickly at full market value while providing buyers with the level playing field they never had before.

When preparing your home for sale, it’s crucial to consider every detail, even the seemingly minor ones. A key aspect often overlooked is the air quality, as potential buyers may notice issues like an air filter turns black quickly. An experienced AC repair technician swiftly diagnosed and resolved the malfunctioning compressor, restoring cool comfort to the sweltering home. Creating a clean and well-maintained environment not only contributes to a positive first impression but also ensures that every aspect of your home reflects the modern way to sell your home. This includes addressing any issues with household items like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. For instance, understanding how to troubleshoot not charging Dyson vacuums can be crucial in presenting your home in its best light to potential buyers.

Missing shingles expose your roof’s underlayment to water damage. Once water damages your underlayment, it can reach your attic and even leak through your ceiling. A professional from GoBigHorn.com can look for signs of water infiltration and replace the missing shingles.

Originally developed to help banks sell their properties more efficiently with greater control, OfferSubmission has become well-known as the platform that embraces buyer’s agents, prevents fraud, enhances marketing efforts and most importantly generates higher sale prices and a better bottom-line for both private and institutional sellers.

When you’re ready to sell your property, you also need to prepare the home you’re moving into. After packing your things, you may want to hire a professional moving company like Three Movers.

It’s not an auction

Real estate auctions have been around forever, and they’re perfect for disposing of property quickly. They’re just not so good at getting the best possible price.

Why? Because auctions put up major roadblocks for the typical buyer, such as:

• Limited or no opportunity to inspect a home.
• Hefty buyer premiums that add thousands of dollars to the winning bid.
• Discouraging agents from being involved by offering little or no commission.
• Lengthy and confusing contracts that restrict buyer rights and remedies

Auctions put inexperienced buyers at a distinct disadvantage to the savvy investor, causing owner-occupants who would normally be willing to pay the most for a home to literally sit on the sidelines or stay away altogether.

But the biggest problem with auctions is that the majority of people equate them with distressed sellers and tax sales. Buyers at auctions expect properties to be sold at a discount. And usually they do…if they’re sold at all.

But there are parts of the auction process that are attractive to sellers

That’s why we’ve adopted a few techniques that make the experience better for homeowners like you, like:

• Widespread advertising and even giving a unique gift to potential buyers
• A limited marketing window
• A pre-determined sale date
• Encouraging multiple buyers
• Contracts that protect the seller

At Seller Nation, we’ve taken the best pieces from the auction and built a system that focuses on what’s best for you.

Like generating buyer traffic and encouraging multiple offers. Like limiting how many days your home needs to be “showing-ready.” Like fully cooperating with buyer’s agents. Like shorter listing agreements. And smaller commissions.

And of course expert advice from our well-trained agents who are with you every step of the way, complemented by the expertise and guidance from a plumber to ensure your home is in optimal condition for potential buyers.

It’s not the way your grandparents sold their home, but if you’re serious about selling in today’s real estate market, nobody can sell your home for more.

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