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  • Pssst…People are talking about us

    There really is a method to our madness, and our results are anything but typical. You don’t have to take our word for it…take a look at what our clients are saying about their experiences, and then let’s talk about the ways we can guarantee the highest possible price for your home when you’re ready.

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  • “What do you mean it’s outdated?”

    It’s a difficult conversation to have, but unless your home was built in the past 10 years or less we’re going to have it at some point. Usually, you’ll say something like this: “We’ve lived here for 25 years and we replaced the roof and the furnace, and we just got a new dishwasher a […]

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  • Getting divorced? Hire the experts to sell your home.

    Divorce sucks. That’s why it’s always advised to look for alternative divorce solutions before making your decision final. Hiring the best divorce lawyer can be of great help too. But selling your home due to a divorce doesn’t have to…and that’s where we come in. Because we’re experts at taking what can be a difficult process […]

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  • When is a cash buyer not a cash buyer?

    If you’re a seller, you probably think or prefer to sell your house for cash. So pay special attention to what I’m about to tell you, because not all cash buyers are created equal. On the other hand, if you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned property investor, or simply looking to release equity, a reliable […]

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  • “What’s it really going to cost to sell my home?”

    It’s one of the 3 questions every seller has, yet I find that for whatever reason some agents aren’t providing the answer. Sure, the amount of commission gets discussed. But that’s about it. With the help of the Houston general contractors, I recently listed a home that had been on the market for two years […]

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  • Watch out for those financing contingencies…Mortgages are taking longer and it’s about to get worse

    Most sellers don’t give too much thought to what goes on behind the scenes when their buyer is using a mortgage to purchase their home. After all, it’s the buyer’s obligation to obtain the financing and have it secured by the closing date indicated in the purchase agreement. Fortunately, there are tons of financing options […]

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  • The 7 Steps to Successfully Selling by Owner

    Selling your home by owner is not impossible…or even difficult…if you understand the process and what you need to do to be successful. It’s not for everyone.  In fact, fewer than 10% of all homes sold in the U.S. are sold without an agent. Why? Because most sellers find that when they stick their FSBO […]

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  • The top 5 reasons our auction-style process is better than a regular listing

    Before the internet, and even before there were Realtors, real estate was typically sold via the auction method. Why? Because it assured land owners and farmers that every interested buyer would be focused on their property at the same time, providing an equal opportunity for them to view and bid to eventually determine the property’s […]

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  • Who does your agent work for?

    Imagine hiring an attorney to file a lawsuit only to find out in court that she’s representing the other side, too. When the shock wears off, you think back to all of those pre-trial meetings where you thought you were telling your lawyer things in confidence. And how likely it is that the attorney passed […]

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  • There’s a nasty virus going around. Don’t catch it.

    There’s only one way to prevent this devastating condition that affects owners getting ready to sell their homes. Take 2 aspirins and call SellerNation.

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