It’s a great time to be a seller

The housing market is heating up in metro Detroit, with heavy buyer traffic coming on the heels of a extended, record-breaking winter season.  My partner Rod Carey, who pays much more attention to the national housing market for our corporate parent Woodward Asset Capital than I do, sees the outlook as upbeat in his post yesterday “What the Housing Market Really Looks Like” 

Rod digests all of the reports coming from the respected data compilers and housing analysts and is pretty bullish on in the industry in general.  He pays special attention to the economic drivers of the macro market.

But what happens in metro Detroit isn’t truly reflected in the national picture.  Our market never had the high run-up in values that many markets saw leading up to 2007 when the market imploded, but rather our local housing issues were a direct reflection of job and population loss.

The local market is experiencing job growth, and builders are scrambling to get projects underway that were left for dead almost a decade ago.

There is a shortage of move-in ready inventory, which is driving price gains and buyer traffic.

While we’re not quite back to where we were, we’re getting close. And sellers who were stuck underwater for the past several years are finally able to hit the market and get moving.

Whether you’re just curious about your home’s current value or you’re ready to sell this season, give us a call.  We’re ready when you are.