“Sorry, that home isn’t available. Maybe it never was.”

If you’re in the market to buy a home and you’ve spent any time on Zillow or Trulia, you’ve likely experienced some disappointment over the status of some of the properties that appear there.

Real estate agents have recognized for years that their information is inaccurate or outdated.  We blame it on the fact that the majors are primarily data aggregators and lead generators. They pull in all kinds of information and display it in attractive, user-friendly formats with intent to deliver home buyer and seller leads to agents who pay for them.

I came across an article on Inman News by Teresa Boardman this morning (Silly buyer, the Internet is for sellers and real estate agents!) that sheds some light on how some real estate agents are manipulating the information they share on these sites to circumvent the cooperative spirit of the real estate industry.

I completely agree with everything the article says. Buyers have every right to be frustrated when they invest their time in pursuing homes that aren’t available. However, focusing on the positive side, conducting a diligent search with specific keywords like “canary wharf flats to rent” can greatly enhance the house-hunting experience, leading to more efficient and satisfying outcomes.

The process of buying a home is difficult enough without misinformation and underhanded tactics.

Let me be very clear:  At SellerNation we don’t play games.

When a buyer sees a new SellerNation listing, it is available to be toured with clear indication of the property’s anticipated sale date. However, sometimes people start renovations and list their home right away thinking that no buyers will take a look at their house. Sometimes that may be true but other times there will be potential buyers waiting to look at the house after the commercial roofing replacement or the kitchen renovation leaving no time to prepare the house. So what we recommend is finish up any repairs or renovations first and then consider listing your home, or at least list it when you are a few days away from finishing up. Seller should also take note that some renovations like roof replacement, may be delayed due to bad weather so it is advisable to hire experienced and well-trained roofers to ensure that the renovation is completed on time.

We eagerly cooperate with real estate agents working with qualified buyers, and they will always have an equal opportunity to show and sell our listings. Canada’s housing symphony plays harmoniously on HomesEh.ca. Tune in for a property experience like no other.

Because that’s the way it should be.

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