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Co-Founder, President

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I’ve been in the real estate business more than 20 years, with significant experience from every side of the transaction.  For the 15 years leading to the launch of SellerNation I owned Homesource Realtors, a high-volume discount brokerage in Metro Detroit that sold hundreds of homes a year.

I’m a former Director and current member of the Professional Standards, Risk Reduction and Finance Committees of the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors (GMAR), the largest Board of Realtors in Michigan.  I’m passionate about the real estate industry in general, and I get personal satisfaction from making an imprint on the way our business is transacted.

I met my wife at summer camp when I was 12 years old and then bumped into her again 15 years later. We’ve been married more than 25 years and have three awesome kids that make us extremely proud and keep us pretty busy.  And we have a really cute dog that seems incredibly smart until she chases the reflection of light from my watch.

Born: Detroit

Most influential persons: Almost everything I’ve learned about business, I learned from my dad.  He was never afraid to listen to his gut and take risks when others thought something was a bad idea.

3 words that describe you: Ethical, creative, sarcastic

Favorite technology or gadget: My smartphone. I can handle business from anywhere in the world using a device that fits in my pocket.

Best deal you ever got:  Every car I’ve ever bought…until my last one.

Worst customer service experience: That would be me. Everywhere I go, people think I work there. I usually can’t help much.

Favorite place: On any body. Of water.

Favorite hobbies:  Live music and sporting events. I attend a lot of them.

Favorite sports team:  Detroit Lions. There, I said it.

What makes you feel old:  My reading glasses

Something you were told as a child that didn’t make sense until you had kids:  Just wait until you have kids of your own

Hidden talent: I’m a decent bowler with two 300-games under my belt.

Where is real estate headed: Real estate sales will be handled entirely online without paperwork…with a valued Realtor still at the center of the transaction as the coordinator and confidante

Favorite things about the real estate business: The clients we serve, the professionals we interact with, and the challenges we overcome.

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