Steve Jasgur

Realtor, Licensed Builder

I have built / renovated / bought and sold more homes for myself (that’s a lot of moving!) than most families do in a lifetime! As both a real estate agent and licensed builder, I love to share my knowledge and my passion with clients.

Fun fact: In the 1990’s I was a licensed real estate agent in New York City and worked to find homes for clients including music and fashion mogul Russell Simmons, and the late music great Luther Vandross! (Luther insisted I try his sugar free Gummy Bears.)

I’ve also been involved in the television and film industry for a good portion of my life. You may recall the Listerine commercial where the guy struggles to “swish” for 30 seconds. He has a lot less grey hair, but that was me! I’ve had the good fortune of appearing in over 100 commercials, and still dabble on occasion.

On the home front (no pun intended) I am a single dad of two middle school aged girls. I enjoy treasure hunting at flea markets and antique fairs and using my hands to bring vintage finds back to life.