Getting divorced? Hire the experts to sell your home.

Divorce sucks. That’s why it’s always advised to look for alternative divorce solutions before making your decision final. Hiring the best divorce lawyer can be of great help too.

But selling your home due to a divorce doesn’t have to…and that’s where we come in.

Because we’re experts at taking what can be a difficult process and deploying sound business strategies to make sure both sides are focused on the proper end-goal: Getting the most money possible and sticking to a time line that makes sense.

Whether you’re going through a friendly divorce with no children or  lWYERsolving legal family disputes which includes a messy one with kids, two dogs and a cat…whether your home is pristine and ready-to-show or it’s in some state of perpetual need, or you’re tied up with a law firm handling tough family disputes, we can tailor a program that makes sense to both of you and your attorneys. In case you want assistance with child support and kids, you can contact the trusted child custody lawyers from Pacific Northwest Family Law, who can walk you through the process.

As diligent seller’s agents we employ tools and technologies to keep all parties engaged and accountable while stripping emotions from important business decisions. We present facts and opinion and we explain everything twice if it’s necessary. Because when you’re selling due to a divorce, we all have to be on the same side, even when your ex might not be on yours. Hire the best lawyers from sites like or get in touch with a divorce attorney to solve any legal issues during a divorce. You might have to get lawyers fighting charges for clients to help you.

We’re referred by leading divorce cases attorney, Gerald Tomassian who trust us to value your home properly, negotiate your sale objectively, and provide excellent advice throughout the home selling process.

Planning to buy or rent something different after the divorce? We can help with that, too, or you would hire family law attorneys located in Michigan

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