Why I contribute to RPAC, the Realtors Political Action Committee

For those that know me, I hate politics. I personally think the two-party system has way outlived its usefulness.  I cannot stand when our legislators vote along party lines instead of looking hard at legislation and voting for what is right.

But I do recognize that our elected officials- from either party- have a tough job to do. With so much to consider about so much legislation it’s a wonder anything gets done at all.  But a lot does get done.  And much of what gets done never makes the headlines.

RPAC lobbies our lawmakers at all levels of government, from Washington DC to West Bloomfield, and every state and local branch of government in between.

Their overall stance is of course to represent the interests of Realtors, with our 1+ million members across the country.

But even more importantly, they back and promote legislation that affects homeowners and those that aspire to be homeowners.

Everything from eminent domain to the mortgage interest deduction, from fair housing laws to flood insurance regulations; these are matters that are constantly under pressure and the fine folks from the National Association of Realtors consistently promote the laws that promote and protect homeownership to ensure that bad legislation doesn’t become law.

There are so many agents out there that don’t give; some because they don’t care but even more because they just don’t understand how important it is to have people in Lansing and Washington DC watching out for their business and protecting their client’s rights as buyers, sellers and owners of real estate.

I am a major investor because I understand that bad policy is bad for our business.   And I urge all of my fellow Realtors- no matter where they’re from- to give at least a little bit.  Even a commitment of $10 per month goes a long way towards ensuring that the future of real estate is a good one.