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  • The biggest pricing mistake most sellers and agents make when selling a home

    While the quantity of sales of a pack of gum in the grocery store checkout line might be greater if priced at 99¢ versus $1.00, it doesn’t work in the housing market. And now that home buyers are doing so much of their searching on their own, you cannot afford for your home to be missing from their […]

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  • It’s our technology that gets you the best price

    It was about a year ago when Rod and I began talking earnestly about building a real estate company backed by the technology we’d created for banks that was proving so effective in the marketplace. It’s no secret that our biggest customer is PNC Bank, and they use our OfferSubmission system exclusively to negotiate the […]

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  • Why I contribute to RPAC, the Realtors Political Action Committee

    For those that know me, I hate politics. I personally think the two-party system has way outlived its usefulness.  I cannot stand when our legislators vote along party lines instead of looking hard at legislation and voting for what is right. But I do recognize that our elected officials- from either party- have a tough […]

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  • I was just being honest. Get serious or get off the market.

    The other day I had the unfortunate opportunity to show a home to one of our seller clients that seemed, on paper, to be an ideal fit for their needs. It was one of several we were scheduled to see that day, and unlike the others, for this listing there was no lockbox…meaning we had […]

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  • Let’s meet for coffee.

    People tell me that selling a home is ranked right up there with buying a car or visiting the dentist; it pretty much sucks. I disagree.  But I do understand why folks feel that way. Stepping into a car dealership puts you on defense right away.  You know they’re trying to sell you…not just the […]

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  • Because auctions set records, that’s why.

    It’s been about a month now since we opened our doors to the public, and I’m honestly amazed at the reception in the marketplace for our auction-style home selling process. What’s even more incredible is that I’ve spoken to several agents in town who want to refer their sellers to us; sellers that have had […]

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  • It’s a great time to be a seller

    The housing market is heating up in metro Detroit, with heavy buyer traffic coming on the heels of a extended, record-breaking winter season.  My partner Rod Carey, who pays much more attention to the national housing market for our corporate parent Woodward Asset Capital than I do, sees the outlook as upbeat in his post […]

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  • Doing good feels good…Our first donation goes to The Friendship Circle.

    When Rod and I were putting together the pieces that eventually became SellerNation, we both felt it was important to include a component to give back to local non-profits in the markets we’ll be serving.  Through our operational efficiency and our commitment to do good, we’re able to set aside 5% of our transaction revenue […]

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  • “Sorry, that home isn’t available. Maybe it never was.”

    If you’re in the market to buy a home and you’ve spent any time on Zillow or Trulia, you’ve likely experienced some disappointment over the status of some of the properties that appear there. Real estate agents have recognized for years that their information is inaccurate or outdated.  We blame it on the fact that […]

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  • What a long, strange trip it’s been.

    Growing up, I always expected to be in the fun food business. My dad owned Detroit Popcorn Company, and I started “working” there when I was five, sitting behind the desk in his office, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. I set up a little store in his showroom with goodies from his shelves and sold […]

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