Let’s meet for coffee.

People tell me that selling a home is ranked right up there with buying a car or visiting the dentist; it pretty much sucks.

I disagree.  But I do understand why folks feel that way.

Stepping into a car dealership puts you on defense right away.  You know they’re trying to sell you…not just the car, but all kinds of add-ons and extra insurance that you certainly don’t need.  The ad you saw in the paper…you don’t qualify for those prices.  And if it’s near the end of the month there’s always the additional pressure of incentives that are ending or quotas that have to be met.

The dentist has drills. And sharp instruments. That go in your mouth. Enough said.

There are hundreds of real estate companies and thousands of real estate agents in our local market, and they all want to sell your home.  Are they all the same? What’s the difference? How do you know if the agent is right for you?

Rather than inviting a bunch of agents over for interviews and before you hire your sister-in-law’s aunt, join us for a cup of coffee and learn what’s really important when you’re selling your home.  Hint: it isn’t what company they work for or how big their advertisement is in the Sunday paper.

Our SellerNation Coffee Hours are a relaxed, pressure-free way to meet a Seller Expert in your neighborhood and learn why our listing agreements last only 34 days, how we’re able to guarantee that your home sells for top dollar in any market, and why it’s so important to us that we donate a significant piece of our revenue to local non-profits that make an impact in our community.

Please join us. The coffee is on us .