It’s our technology that gets you the best price

It was about a year ago when Rod and I began talking earnestly about building a real estate company backed by the technology we’d created for banks that was proving so effective in the marketplace.

It’s no secret that our biggest customer is PNC Bank, and they use our OfferSubmission system exclusively to negotiate the sale of their residential assets in all 50 states.

Most of our customers are completely nuts about the risk-reduction and compliance aspects of what our systems provide.  The level of transparency coupled with business rules and in-depth reports is important, for sure. We’re able to provide incredible insight into their employees, their customers and their vendors. From right smack in the middle of their transactions.

But probably the most important thing we provide – the thing that the actual daily users of our systems work with every day – is the most flexible and robust real estate sales negotiation system on the planet.

I’m bragging a little.

Sure, we’ve won some industry awards.

But I think I’m most proud of the chart above that appears in the September issue of Mortgage Banking Magazine showing that PNC Bank outsells their peers in the mortgage servicing industry.

And not by a little.

By a pretty wide margin according to the folks at Standard & Poors. In 2013, PNC Bank sold their REO for an average of 104% of market value.

Yep. An average of 4% above market value.

On a $250,000 home, they’re averaging $10,000 more than Chase and $22,000 more than Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Nationstar.

So what does that mean to you, the homeowner needing to sell a home in Birmingham, Novi or Livonia?

It means that you’re the first sellers in the country that get to see first-hand how technology is actually impacting the home sale process…even more so than pretty pictures, cool search tools and detailed maps.

SellerNation is the only real estate firm in the country built upon a technology platform designed – and proven – to sell homes for more money.

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